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Asbestos Abatement

Expert Asbestos Abatement and Encapsulation

Mold Men Environmental is your trusted partner for comprehensive asbestos abatement and encapsulation services in Rochester, NY. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to handle any asbestos-related challenge in your residential or commercial property, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all occupants.

Identifying Asbestos in Your Property

Asbestos was a common material used in construction before its hazardous health effects were discovered. In Rochester, certain asbestos-containing materials are commonly found in older homes and buildings. Our experts can identify and handle:

  • Asbestos Tape on Air Ducts: Often, white tape on air ducts indicates the presence of asbestos.
  • Asbestos Tile Flooring: Look for 9×9 tiles with black adhesive (mastic), usually found in basements or kitchens.
  • Asbestos Caulk: Black caulk around windows is often a sign of asbestos material.
  • Asbestos Pipes: Metal pipes wrapped with white material in basements may contain asbestos.

Our Abatement and Encapsulation Process

Our thorough asbestos abatement process involves the careful removal or encapsulation of hazardous asbestos materials, following strict safety guidelines to protect both our team and your property. We ensure that every trace of asbestos is safely managed, giving you peace of mind for a healthier living or working environment.

  • Inspection and Testing: Initial thorough inspection and testing to determine the extent of asbestos presence.
  • Removal or Encapsulation: Safe and effective removal or encapsulation of asbestos materials.
  • Disposal: Proper disposal of asbestos materials following all legal and environmental guidelines.
  • Final Inspection: A thorough final inspection to ensure complete removal and safety.

Asbestos Handling License
License class: FULL

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Don’t let asbestos pose a threat to your health and property. Contact Mold Men Environmental at 585-503-0457 or fill out our online form to discuss your asbestos inspection and abatement services today. Our team is ready to provide the professional, reliable services you need to ensure a safe and asbestos-free environment.